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RE: STAAD.Pro 2001

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Perhaps the glowing review of STAAD by "Byron Edasmanin" aka Santanu
Das (VP of New Technologies for REI who makes and markets STAAD) is
partially in response to previous STAAD-bashing posts on October 7,
2000 and November 18, 2000 by "hinkle j pinkle" aka Edward L. Wilson
(affiliated with CSI who makes and markets SAP2000).

The posts in question are disappointing.  Grow up!  Commit to the
development of quality products and use honest marketing.  It is
unprofessional and unethical to use deceptive promotional techniques.

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Subject: STAAD.Pro 2001

In the interest of full disclosure, I should say that the VP of New
Technologies for the REI who makes and markets STAAD is also named
Das.  Perhaps its just a coincidence that someone named Santanu Das
sent an
unsolicited email to the list that praised STAAD Pro 2001 ... then
perhaps not.


On the otherhand, I should say that I have had a chance to demo the
STAAD Pro 2001 and the usability enhancements are quite nice.
However, I
am still a little concernced about bugs (I had a some trouble getting
evaluation copy of STAAD Pro 2001 to install properly).

>From: Santanu Das <dasmanin(--nospam--at)>
>Subject: STAAD.Pro 2001
>To: seaint(--nospam--at)

>I have been a STAAD basher for quite some time
>now...however this new STAAD.Pro 2001 is awesome. It
>has all these new dynamic and FEM features and also
>does interactive designs like connection design. They
>finally got it right! They have this context sensitive
>help and updated all their manuals and examples...they
>have over 500 examples now. Hoorah!

>Byron Edasmanin