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Re: Suspended Speaker

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Title: Suspended Speaker
Are you looking for something beyond footnotes 11 and 12 to Table 16-O in the 1997 UBC?
Mark D. Anderson PE
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Sent: Wednesday, February 07, 2001 9:10 AM
Subject: Suspended Speaker

I am reviewing a submittal consist of 300 lbs. speaker cluster that is to be suspended using an aircraft cable.  It will be attached to the midpoint of a bottom chord of a truss.  The Structural Engineer noted in his calcs. that seismic is not required for elements that are suspended and free to translate during a seismic event for more than the expected earth displacements.  I think that I have read this note somewhere before but I can not recall where.  I tried to asked my co-worker and tried to look at the Code but I can not find it.  Will somebody point me where I can find it?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Alfonso S. Quilala Jr., P.E.