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The real Santanu Das...

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Hello SEAINT Members

I have monitored these list servers from time to time over the past couple
of years. I thought I have seen it all until this. My PERSONAL REI Yahoo
account had all these e-mails from people around the globe thinking I was
praising my own software. First, I would like to say that it was not me who
sent that e-mail. We have two internal Yahoo accounts here at REI that we
use to send mails to our employees when they are on the road. I sincerely
apologize that my account info got out and was used for this purpose. The
statement the person wrote about STAAD.Pro 2001 is also incorrect. We do not
have context sensitive help and don't have over 500 example problems. We are
conducting an internal investigation on how this could have happened. We at
REI would like to apologize to the members of this site for any e-mails that
have come under my name. There are a lot of STAAD "haters" on the site and
unfortunately, that may not ever change. At REI, we look at this as an
opportunity to gauge our level of progress. If you have any questions about
the e-mail (or previous e-mails that was sent through this account that I am
unaware of), please call me anytime at (714) 974-2500. It is our policy here
at REI not to respond to any of the "trash mail" on any public website.

Thank You

Santanu Das
VP, New Technology at REI