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Frank Lloyd House Gets Seismic Upgrade

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] Editor:  I find it completely unacceptable and unconscionable to read in
"News Briefs" of the February 2001 Civil Engineering a column length
desciption of this project in which the architect is mentioned and,
consequently, given full implied credit for the seismic retrofit and
procedure with absolutely no mention of the structural engineer who actually
did the work.  For the record:  The structural engineering firm in question
was Rutherford & Chekene of San Francisco and the project engineer was Bret
Lizundia, who incidentally was recognized for his work by an award from the
Structural Engineers Association of California.  If the house publication of
the American Society of Civil Engineers fails to credit and laud fellow
engineers, who will?  Please be more vigilant in these matters in the future.

Ephraim G. Hirsch, FASCE, FSEAOC