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RE: Bundled Reinforcing

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The development length is increased and hooks may require special treatment.
Refer to ACI 12.4&5.

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> From:	David Finley [SMTP:pec(--nospam--at)]
> Sent:	Wednesday, February 07, 2001 4:38 PM
> To:	Seaint
> Subject:	Bundled Reinforcing
> I'm reviewing the re-design of a bridge bent (53" wide x 48" deep).  We
> designed the bent originally, but the Contractor has had to engage the
> services of another firm to redesign it to accommodate piles that were
> driven out of tolerance.  Because of the out of place piles, there is now
> torsion and additional moment in the cap.
> The redesign has had to add a bar over one of the piles for the additional
> moment and also add additional longitudinal torsion reinforcing  (the
> maximum negative moment and torsion occur at the same location).  The way
> it
> is detailed, the added bar is bundled with one of the continuous bars (the
> drawing doesn't say "bundled", but the two bars occupy the same space for
> the 15'-0" length of the added bar).
> I've not used bundled bars before, so I've got a few questions:
> 1.  Does this qualify as a bundled bar?
> 2.  If so, is there any specific requirements for tying, stirrups, etc.
> more
> specific than ACI
> 3.  What drawbacks are there to using bundled bars?
> TIA,
> David Finley, P.E.