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shape factors and ASD

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In my particular case specified min Fu is 90ksi and min elongation is 10%.
I suppose that the primary determining factor is probably min elongation.
In order for ZFy to develop, the extreme fiber must deform in a plastic
manner without rupture until most of the rest of the section has reached

As far as local stability (compactness) of the section, that is something I
am still working on.  My situation is actually not so simple as a WF in
minor axis bending.

I am, however, settled on capping allowable stress at 0.6Fy instead of
0.75Fy (my actual shape factor is quite low).

> In your example your steel has a special requirement for 70 ksi yield.
> What is the specified ultimate strength?  If your F-sub-u is not at least
> 90 ksi, I would be concerned that the ASD approach adequately addresses
> your situation.
> Also, make sure that you have a compact section at 70 ksi.  If you have a
> noncompact section bent about the weak-axis, ASD Section F2.2 will limit
> your allowable bending stress to 0.60 times F-sub-y.