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RE: Need Specialist in Adobe Retrofit to help with Mike Krakower' s Clients

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One name comes to my mind when you talk adobe, Mel Green. He is also in LA

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	Sent:	Wednesday, February 07, 2001 8:47 PM
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	Subject:	Need Specialist in Adobe Retrofit to help with Mike
Krakower's Clients

	I reported this morning that Mike Krakower, SE had suffered a heart
	yesterday. I spoke with his Mother-in-law this morning and he is
stable and
	doing well. He was transferred to Huntington Hospital in the San
	Valley today where he is undergoing some tests to pinpoint the

	In the mean time, Mike has a project with the California State Parks
	Department for the historic retrofit of the Pio Pico Mansion in
	The project is under construction and there are numerous RFI's that
need to
	be addressed. The State Parks Department contacted Nels Roselund who
	me to help. Nels is inundated with work and I am not qualified to
step into
	Mikes shoes on this one.

	We would appreciated it if anyone on the listservice with extensive
	experience in Adobe and Historic building retrofits can help with
	project until Mike is able to take over. Nels has agreed to provide
	consultation to another SE who might be willing to take
responsibility for
	the onsite investigation and putting together the needed details and
	construction observation documents.

	Please contact me by e-mail at your earliest convenience and I will
pass the
	information on to Nels.

	Like many of us, Mike is a small one person office. We have a
	network here to create a support line for our peers and friends who
	ill. Mike shouldn't be worrying about this client right now. I think
we will
	all rest a little easier if we know we have support behind us in our
time of

	Dennis S. Wish, PE