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RE: Need Specialist in Adobe Retrofit to help with Mike Krakower's Clients

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Thanks Lynn, but we need someone local who can make the site visits (it's
under retrofit construction), answer requests for information and draw up
necessary details for existing conditions that differ from the retrofit
expectations and do the structural observation. Menlo Park might be a bit
I have received suggestions from others in private mail. There are some very
good people in Southern California who were very active in the Existing
Building (at the time it was called Hazardous Building committee) and have
had experience in URM and Adobe work. Some are not on the List, but I was
reminded of them by some of you who wrote me privately.
I do want to thank everyone for their help and suggestions. I know that this
has been foremost on Mike's concern in the last two days.
I spoke with his wife last night. He did have a blockage in his arteries and
in the course of the angiogram that he went through (they insert a fiber
optic in the artery to locate the blockage). The doctors inserted a Stint -
which, as my wife (a nurse) explained, is like a straw that allows the
passage of blood to flow without obstruction. There are other areas where
they could not remove the blockage. They have decided to put Mike on a
combination of drug therapy and diet changes to remove this "plaque" from
his arteries. He will have to take it easy for a while, and most definitely,
get rid of some of this stress until he is in better shape.
His wife was very grateful that we have been able to use the network to
locate others who might be able to help and she wanted my to express her
appreciation to you all.

Thanks again, and keep the suggestions coming until we actually find someone
to step in,

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Fred Webster out of Menlo Park is an excellent
authority on Abode.  We have used him as a consultant
for some of our abode work here in Santa Barbara

Give me a call if you want his phone number.