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Re: HSS Producers/Fabricators in Detroit Metro Area

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If you want to contact a fabricator, then the your list of choices is
rather long.  I (or a company that I work for) have work with the

Ross Structural Steel (Detroit) 313-893-7877
MBM Fabricators (Romulus) 313-941-0100
Ferguson Steel (Port Huron) 810-985-5178
Douglas Steel Frabricating (Lansing) 517-322-2050
Dumas Concepts in Building (Northville) 248-380-8480
Ideal Steel & Builder's Supplies (Detroit) 313-842-7290
Johnson Steel Fabricators (Sanford) 517-687-7100

If you are looking for a tube supplier in Detroit, then I am not familiar
with any.  I did find one in the CAM Buyer's Guide (more on CAM below).
The info that I found is:

Spartan Tube & Steel (Livonia) 734-522-1700

They were the only company listed under the "Tubing - Structural Steel"
catergory.  I went to their web page briefly and it implied that they are
limited to 20x12 rect. HSS, 16 dia round HSS, and 18x18 square HSS.  But I
would suggest you contact them.

You can do a more complete search yourself if you wish.  Go to the
Construction Association of Michigan's web page ( and
search through their Buyer's Guide.  It lists contractors/suppliers,
professional engineers, professional surveyors, architects, and landscape

With regard to which manual to use for the section properties, it would be
wise to use the HSS Manual.  It contains the "correct" section properties.
And I suppose I should slap myself for using the word "tube" or "tubes".
They are all "HSS" now.

Hope that helps,


On Thu, 8 Feb 2001, Zatloukal, Brian J. wrote:

> All,
> I working on a project at a local industrial facility that is going to
> require the use of HSS, hopefully in some rather large sections.  Does
> anyone have any contacts (suppliers/fabricators) in the area whom I can
> contact to see what is currently available?  (Scott Maxwell, you may have
> the best shot at this one)  Also, I remember a discussion recently
> concerning the correctness of the published properties for HSS in the
> various AISC design manuals.  I recall that those given in the ASD (9th ed.)
> and LRFD (2nd ed.) were incorrect.  Are the properties given in the HSS
> Connections Manual (black manual) the correct ones for design?
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Brian Zatloukal, E.I.T.