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RE: Frank Lloyd House Gets Seismic Upgrade

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Neil and Ephraim:
"We just can't get no respect".  Three years ago I remodeled a home in the Palm Springs area. This required tearing down the existing house, leaving a few walls are recreating a new roof (curved Glu-Lam and portions that contained Moorish ceilings). The project was almost all engineering. The home was originally owned by Zeppo Marx's (one of the five brothers) and his wife who later married Frank Sinatra.  The engineering required that the roof appear to float, but all lateral elements be in place. In other words it was a creative piece of work and when it was through I was tremendously pleased with the work I did.
There is no question that the interior designers work made this home a showcase and that the builders ability to do such nice finish work was worthy of recognition. Two weeks ago, the general contractor, who has hired me to do more work for them, presented me with the Winter 2000 edition of California Homes (one year later) where the home was featured. The article mentioned the Interior designer, the Unlicensed designer who prepared the basic architectural features and the builder - all of whom where invited to the open house when the project was completed. Nowhere in the article was the engineer of record mentioned.
I guess I am used to this and I am still excited to see the project that I designed showcased in this magazine but I felt disappointed that the public does not know enough about the magic that engineers design into creative architecture that makes it a reality. It is disappointing.
Dennis S. Wish, PE
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I totally agree with your chagrin.  I just received my issue of Civil Engineering magazine. (I'm out in the hinterland) and read the article.  The article was originally published in the November 2000 issue of "Architectural Record" and reprinted, so you know who is going to blow their own horn. 

We also receive a free large construction magazine which has many articles about the large building and construction projects here in California.    Very, very seldom is the structural engineer acknowledge. 

Neil Moore, S.E.

At 06:44 PM 2/7/2001 -0500, EphHirsch(--nospam--at) wrote:
Editor:  I find it completely unacceptable and unconscionable to read in
"News Briefs" of the February 2001 Civil Engineering a column length
desciption of this project in which the architect is mentioned and,
consequently, given full implied credit for the seismic retrofit and
procedure with absolutely no mention of the structural engineer who actually
did the work.  For the record:  The structural engineering firm in question
was Rutherford & Chekene of San Francisco and the project engineer was Bret
Lizundia, who incidentally was recognized for his work by an award from the
Structural Engineers Association of California.  If the house publication of
the American Society of Civil Engineers fails to credit and laud fellow
engineers, who will?  Please be more vigilant in these matters in the future.

Ephraim G. Hirsch, FASCE, FSEAOC