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Base Isolation Vendor

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Brad Smith wrote:
<WWW search for base isolation vendors netted me Dynamic Isolation System(DIS)and Seismic Energy Products. I remember seeing an advertisement from Tektonic, ball bearing on dish system.  Does anyone have any experience with this type of system and know their contact addresses?  Any help will be much appreciated.>

There are two basic types of rubber isolators:  The first is a lead-core system, as designed by Dynamic Isolation Systems (DIS).  The other is high-damping rubber system (no lead core) as manufactured by Bridgestone.  Both of these systems have been used on a number of projects in California.  I suggest talking to Saif Hussain of SHA in Canoga Park, California.  He is very knowledgeable on these systems, and participated in writing the UBC provisions on base isolation.  Also, Rami Elhassan of Integrated Design Systems, in Irvine, California, can help you.

As an alternative to the rubber bearings is the Friction Pendulum system, which might be the ball bearing system you referred to.  The Friction Pendulum system is designed by Earthquake Protection Systems in San Francisco.  The system was used on the U.S. Court of Appeals building in San Francisco, but I don't believe it has been used here in southern California yet.  Anoop Mokha was involved in that project I believe.  As recommended by John Armijo, Professor Seible is a good contact also.  Also, you may want to try going to and do a search on "Friction Pendulum."  There are several good articles.  An article on the Court of Appeals building is at:

(My apologies in advance if I messed up on the website.)

Hope this helps.

Carl Sramek