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RE: Lift Lug

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What about the requirement in the same section that states "the diameter of
the pin hole shall not be more than 1/32-inch greater than the diameter of
the pin"? 

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> Subject: Lift Lug
> One of the criteria for lift lug design is to check
> the tension on the net section passing through the
> pinhole. AISC (ASD) Section D3.2 states: "For
> calculation purposes, the distance from the edge of
> the pinhole to the edge of the plate...., shall not be
> assumed to be more than 0.8 times the diameter of the
> pinhole". (Please note that in the original
> publication a factor of 1.25 was printed which was
> subsequently corrected to be 0.8 per Errata issued by
> AISC). Also, the maximum width from the edge of the
> pinhole is limited to 4 times the plate thickness.
> Therefore, in order to satisfy this criterion (tension
> capacity), one can increase the pinhole diameter or
> increase the plate thickness. In a design I completed
> recently, I chose to increase the hole diameter: The
> pin diameter was 2.5" and the hole diameter came out
> to be 5". The design, while technically correct,
> seemed odd because of a large hole to accommadate a
> smaller pin. Am I missing something?
> Rajendran
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