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RE: Any California D.S.A. engineers out there?

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I can only speculate that DSA does not feel it can
adequately re-train all its engineers for LRFD
at this point.  It makes it difficult with the
industry headed towards LRFD and DSA not allowing
its use.  The new FEMA 350 and 353 manuals do not
even give alternative guidelines for the ASD approach.
As far as the UBC goes, using the new seismic provisions
for lateral steel design makes it a whole lot more
confusing and difficult if you commit to using ASD.
My two cents anyway.  (OK maybe a buck)

Mark Pemberton, P.E.

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Subject: Any California D.S.A. engineers out there?

Hi there,

I was curious as to why the State of California has not adopted LRFD for
steel design (see C.B.C. Section 2204A.1) for public schools, community
colleges and state-owned or state-leased essential services buildings.

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