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RE: Any California D.S.A. engineers out there?

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Actually, I would point out that part of the industry has heard the
objection to the "pushing" of only LRFD.  AISC will publish a joint spec
with both ASD and LRFD.  You can get the details at:

Hope that brightens some ASD diehards' day!


BTW, this is actually old news.  Charlie had already mentioned it on the
list, if my memory serves me correctly.

On Fri, 9 Feb 2001, Mark Pemberton wrote:

> I can only speculate that DSA does not feel it can
> adequately re-train all its engineers for LRFD
> at this point.  It makes it difficult with the
> industry headed towards LRFD and DSA not allowing
> its use.  The new FEMA 350 and 353 manuals do not
> even give alternative guidelines for the ASD approach.
> As far as the UBC goes, using the new seismic provisions
> for lateral steel design makes it a whole lot more
> confusing and difficult if you commit to using ASD.
> My two cents anyway.  (OK maybe a buck)
> Mark Pemberton, P.E.