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Re: rigid frame design resource

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A connection is a connection is a connection.  There is nothing specific to
tapered moment frames that changes the bolted connection design from
standard AISC connection design. Either ASD or LRFD, pick one consistant
with your method of frame design and use the standard tables and design
methods.  I know, somebody who knows more about subject than I can probably
point errors in those statements, however at Butler Manufacturing Company we
use the ASD manual to design all connections.  (plus a lot of aids which are
ASD based and a little LRFD thrown for good measure)

You need to determine the shear, moment, and axial tension or compression at
any connection and design the connection to exceed all of those applied
forces.  Any third party software or design aids must be traceble to AISC or
similar design standards.

Jim Hannah
Butler Manufacturing Company

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Subject: rigid frame design resource

> Hi there Friends,
> Could any one of You show me some recources of bolt connection design for
> rigid moment frame tapered section . I need calc spreadsheet , e-document
> ... to design :
> - bolting A325&A490 and anchor bolts.
> - bracing on roof and side wall
> Hope helps from You
> Much Thanks and regards
> Nguyen Hoai Nam
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