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Re: Properties of natural rubber

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At 08:16 PM 09/02/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Anyone in this list could please give a hand with this?
>I´d like to know the Modulus of Elasticity and poisson ratio for different
types of natural rubber and/or neoprene.
>Any hint will be welcome.
>Thanks in advance.
>Arturo Martinez
>Piura, Peru


>From "Advanced Mechanics of Materials" by R.D. Cook and W.C. Young,

Natural Rubber
Density 930 kg/m3; Ultimate Strength in Tension 16 Mpa; Poisson ratio 0.50

1250 kg/m3; 22 Mpa; 0.50

Elastic Moduli on this materials is stress dependant and the stress strain
relation is non linear.

On FEA - FEM work for material nonlinear -large displacements- bahavior I
suggest to use Mooney - Rivlin  model.

Adolfo Galvez,
Lima - PERU