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RE: rigid frame design resource

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Jim Hannah wrote, in part:
"......There is nothing specific to tapered moment frames that changes the
bolted connection design from
standard AISC connection design....."

I have seen many connections from the meal building design engineers for
bolted end plate connections that do not use the design method outlined in
AISC.  They typically eliminate the extended end plate beyond the top flange
and use only one line of bolts on the inside of the flange to resist the
flange tension forces.  I have not seen documentation for this type of
connection and suspect that it is somewhat "proprietary", being developed
and tested by the individual building manufacturers.  Maybe this is the type
of connection that Nguyen Hoai Nam originally inquired about.  I, too, would
be interested in the resources for that type of a connection.

Jim Persing

> Hi there Friends,
> Could any one of You show me some recources of bolt connection design for
> rigid moment frame tapered section . I need calc spreadsheet , e-document
> ... to design :
> - bolting A325&A490 and anchor bolts.
> - bracing on roof and side wall
> Hope helps from You
> Much Thanks and regards
> Nguyen Hoai Nam
> _________________
> Architecture and Construction Consultants Co.