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Health Update

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While I am grateful for the input, I am not sure how my health information
got out on to the server. I had asked my wife to call Nels Roselund only.
Anyway, everything is fine and I had some fun discussions with the surgeon.
They use a medical grade stainless steel for the stent implant which is
basically a metal screen tube like we use for epoxy resin anchors. I asked
the surgeon about the specific grade of stainless which he recalled as
being a 316L or317L. I told him that was a lower carbon grade for more
corrosive environments (like around blood). Also the EKG measures P,S,R and
T pulses of the heart signal. That sounds a lot like seismic ground motion.
Minor heart attacks like earthquakes are not predicted very well.

Michael Krakower SE
Arcadia, CA.