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Re: Good Search Tool

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Another great feature about Google: It caches all the web pages that it indexes,
so that even if the info you're looking for is on an OLD page that has since
been updated or no longer exists, you can click on "CACHED" and it will bring up
a copy of it for you.

Read an article a month or so ago, about a guy whose webserver crashed, and he
lost hundreds of HTML pages that he unfortunately didn't have copies of. But he
found them all cached on Google, and he estimated that they probably saved him
about half a man-year of labor to recreate them!

Pretty cool!

Byainc(--nospam--at) wrote:
> Speaking of good search tools. My favorite is It always finds
> stuff that many others wouldn't. It even fetches all the threads on a
> discussion topic on the seaint.