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Re: FW:Simple method for preventing the AnnaK virus from affecting yourmachine

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Norton Antivirus (the latest one) sets up as a "gatekeeper" for email software.
It blocks any sorts of things like self-actuating .vbs scripts, etc. Luckily, I
installed NAV on my newly-fledged Windows 2000 system about a week ago.

I did receive an email with the script containing this virus, and I opened the
message. A dialogue popped up and said something like "the attachment to this
email was not allowed and was deleted". Therefore, it saved my bacon.

Structuralist wrote:
> You may follow the procedures which are not difficult or simply pass it on
> to others who might benefit from it. I do not suggest this as an alternative
> to a good virus checker but I am not sure if all Virus Checking software can
> identify viruses such as this. Better safe than sorry.