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Re: R: FW:Simple method for preventing the AnnaK virus fromaffectingyourmachine

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Andrea Morelli wrote:
> Bill, did you REALLY open the script? I'm told big firms in Australia were
> hit by that virus (actually it's not a virus) as a matter of facts, but i
> thought only dumb employees would do it....(no offence intended)
> And you, as a web-master, did it? Can't help but lol'ling :-)

Well, not the script, just the email itself.

I didn't really notice the subject line, just who it came from (happened to be
the Bishop of my church). I did not notice there was an attachment.

The .vbs script is set to execute as soon as the message is opened. When it did,
NAV kicked in and stopped it.

As soon as I realized that the email had a .vbs attachment, I then looked at the
subject line, and realized that my Bishop would NOT have been sending me an
email regarding Anna Porn-ikova. I immediately responded to him that I thought
he had a virus on his machine. He replied that his office had "contracted" the
virus from a branch office in Washington, and apologized.

Of course, those things simply go through your address book and start emailing
themselves all over the place.

I am surprised that this keeps happening, since it's a familiar scenario. My NAV
installation was able to whack it with no problem, without even knowing what it