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grouting cells

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Hi, i have a question for everyone.  I have a project that involves an 80 yr old house built of structural clay masonry units.  On two sides, the exterior walls have cracks apparent outside and inside.  Demolition of the inside face of these walls have been completed revealing several clay masonry units that are cracked and/or have faces broken away.  These clay masonry units have 3 cells and are laid such that the cells run horizontally in the wall.  I want to grout some of these solid with the thought of making a sort of bond beam in the wall where the original faces of the clay masonry have broken away.  The problem is i think it will have to be done by hand because they can't get a grout pump small enough into the space.
i was thinking they could get it done by placing grout in lifts and rodding between lifts.  like making concrete test cyclinders, but horizontally.  any better ideas?
 Alden Manipula
Structural E.I.T.