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SEAINT Advertising Opportunties

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This email is sent to you by Structural Engineers Association of Southern 
California. You are receiving this email because you have advertised with 
us in past or have requested to be on our vendor mailing list.

Our web site is currently getting over 200,000 hits 
per month. Our list server now has over 15,000 engineers subscribed from 
all over the World.

To support this non-profit activity, we are now seeking sponsors for the 
following events:

1. Internet Chat Room: Once a month, we will have Live chats on our web 
site chat room with well known professionals. As an example, on February 
23, 2001 at 11 AM PST, we will have a live chat with Susan Dowty and S.K. 
Ghosh. They will be chatting about the new IBC 2000 structural provisions. 
In addition, Mr. Ghosh will tell us about his recent trip to India.
On the top of the chat room page, we will have three sponsors listed. 
Sponsor's name will be hyper linked to their web site. Cost of becoming a 
sponsor is only $300. In addition, that link will remain on that page for 
one month, until the next live chat session.

2: SEAINT eLetter: Our Internet administrator, Shafat Qazi will send out an 
electronic newsletter to over 15,000 engineers once every quarter. The 
newsletter will focus on web resources, valuable information, New software, 
Upgrade information and other structural engineering news. Shafat Qazi has 
an excellent reputation as the hi-tech guru among structural engineers. His 
letters gets high response from the engineering community. Each of the 
eLetters will have five sponsors with one paragraph per sponsor and a link 
to their web site. Cost of sponsoring our eLetter is only $500.

3. SEAINT Web Site: Every month thousands of engineers from all over the 
world visit SEAINT web site. Currently we have little over 200,000 
exposures of our web pages. We are seeking seven web banners for our web 
site. Each banner will be exposed 30,000 times each month. Cost of having 
your banner on our web site $600 per month.

As you can see, we have limited spots available and will be sold on a first 
come first serve basis. So please make your decision today and call me at 
562-908-6131 or call Shafat Qazi at 310-530-3050.

Thank you.

Don Gilbert, Executive Director