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RE: ASTM A500 Gr B

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Seamless is still in the ASTM A500 specification, but the reality is that
cold formed and welded is about all there is on the market.  

Seamless tubes can be drawn over a mandrel, or seamless furnace-buttwelded.
The seamless tubes are almost never used as structural elements due to their
expense, although the code does allow them.  

Seamless is more expensive, but the difference is a variable depending on
size, and quantity ordered.  I have seen seamless tube used in power plant
piping, but never in structural shapes.

Harold O. Sprague

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> Subject:	ASTM A500 Gr B
> I have a question for all you steel guys who are working on President's
> Day.
> Our company specifies A500 Gr B "seamless" for the hollow structural
> sections we typically use for elevator towers, canopies etc.  A contractor
> has asked us what "seamless" means, i.e. is it extruded.  
> We spoke with a local fabricator and they indicated that all they stock is
> welded HSS sections and that seamless would be a mill order item of at
> least
> 40,000lbs.
> The question: Is A500 Gr B available as a seamless product?  If so, what
> is
> the cost impact and will it perform differently than the single welded
> seam
> version commonly available?
> Thanks
> Nicholas Blackburn, PE