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Re: SEAINT Advertising Opportunties

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Dear friends,

I am from Indonesia.
Do you who want to sell their PDA test equipments ?
We need  the  equipments for pile testing since the price of the brand new one
is beyond our capability to buy.
Your help is apprciated.
Thank you


Daniel Indrawan

SEAOSC(--nospam--at) wrote:

> This email is sent to you by Structural Engineers Association of Southern
> California. You are receiving this email because you have advertised with
> us in past or have requested to be on our vendor mailing list.
> Our web site is currently getting over 200,000 hits
> per month. Our list server now has over 15,000 engineers subscribed from
> all over the World.
> To support this non-profit activity, we are now seeking sponsors for the
> following events:
> 1. Internet Chat Room: Once a month, we will have Live chats on our web
> site chat room with well known professionals. As an example, on February
> 23, 2001 at 11 AM PST, we will have a live chat with Susan Dowty and S.K.
> Ghosh. They will be chatting about the new IBC 2000 structural provisions.
> In addition, Mr. Ghosh will tell us about his recent trip to India.
> On the top of the chat room page, we will have three sponsors listed.
> Sponsor's name will be hyper linked to their web site. Cost of becoming a
> sponsor is only $300. In addition, that link will remain on that page for
> one month, until the next live chat session.
> 2: SEAINT eLetter: Our Internet administrator, Shafat Qazi will send out an
> electronic newsletter to over 15,000 engineers once every quarter. The
> newsletter will focus on web resources, valuable information, New software,
> Upgrade information and other structural engineering news. Shafat Qazi has
> an excellent reputation as the hi-tech guru among structural engineers. His
> letters gets high response from the engineering community. Each of the
> eLetters will have five sponsors with one paragraph per sponsor and a link
> to their web site. Cost of sponsoring our eLetter is only $500.
> 3. SEAINT Web Site: Every month thousands of engineers from all over the
> world visit SEAINT web site. Currently we have little over 200,000
> exposures of our web pages. We are seeking seven web banners for our web
> site. Each banner will be exposed 30,000 times each month. Cost of having
> your banner on our web site $600 per month.
> As you can see, we have limited spots available and will be sold on a first
> come first serve basis. So please make your decision today and call me at
> 562-908-6131 or call Shafat Qazi at 310-530-3050.
> Thank you.
> Don Gilbert, Executive Director