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Re: grouting cells

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Fine grout may be delivered by a pressure pot.  A pressure pot, using compressed air supplied by hose from a remote air compressor, takes up little space, and may pressurized to 2 to 5 atmospheres.  It can be taken into the room in which grout is being injected.  Grout may be delivered from a mixer to the pot in buckets.  I understand that in S. Cal. pressure pots with capacity from 2 gal up to 10 gal are available from Home Depot and from Sears.
Consider using a non-shrink cement such as Eisenwall by CTS, or a shrinkage control admixture such as Sika Grout Aid or Pre-Mix Grout Additive by E-Z-Mix.  Be sure that the clay tile is thoroughly saturated (wet but with no standing water) when grout is placed.
Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer