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fatigue category

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Does anyone have a reference that specifies the fatigue category 
for base metal with a small (say 1" dia) drilled or cored hole in it? 

This is NOT a primary bolted or riveted connection as shown in the 
typical fatigue category illustrations in AASHTO, AREA, and AISC; 
the hole just permits a proposed retrofit appurtenance's bolt to 
pass through the flange of a girder.

One of my refs says category A, which I want to hear, and the 
other says category D.  Category A is from the Structural 
Engineering Handbook, 3rd Ed, by Gaylord^2 (illustration 28 on 
page 4-8...but size of hole not shown, hole presumed centered), 
and Cat D is from Bridge Engr Hdbk, 1st Ed, by Chen and Duan 
(pg 53-8).


D a v e    E v a n s 
T N H, I n c.