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RE: Railroad clearance

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In Washington State, the WSDOT Bridge Design Manual stipulates 14 ft clear
from the centerline of the closest track in fill sections and 16 feet in cut
sections. I think this can be reduced for special situations. I would expect
something similar in other states. I think the standard spacing from
center-to-center of parallel tracks is 13 ft, so the theoretical minimum is
around 6'-6" before you would hit anything, at least on a straight track.
Curves are usually less than 10 degrees, but can get as tight as 40 in yards
and other special situations. You should talk to the railway about their
operating requirements, but this will give you somewhere to start. 

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> Does anyone know the min. clearance from the center line of the railroad
> track to an obstruction (ie. columns, building edges.) The obstructions
> will be higher than a typical loading dock. I'm located in Florida