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Re: Shear in RC Retaining Walls

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Section 11.5.5 says that slabs and footings are excluded from the requirement that shear reinforcing must be provided when the factored shear force exceeds one-half the strength provided by the concrete.  The cantilever wall is treated as a slab in applying the ACI limitations.  Therefore, you can design for shear at "d" from the slab and not provide shear reinforcing.

A question for you.  Are you related to a Faoud Daoud who is living in Iowa now?  I went to college with him and he was from Lebanon, not Beirut but near there.  I don't know how common the "Daoud" name is.

Patrick Ebner  

>>> rydaoud(--nospam--at) 02/20/01 03:06PM >>>
There is something that has been itching my mind and wonder.
I hope someone can help me.

In the "Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete ACI 318-99", section ( stipulates that for nonprestressed members, sections located less than a distance "d" from face of support may be designed for the same shear "Vu" as that computed at a distance "d".
But to do so, the commentary (R11.1.3.1) explains that 2 things are emphasized; one of them is that stirrups are required over a distance "d" from face of support.

However, in all the books I had read, concerning the structural design of RC retaining walls, I found that the design shear for the stem was calculated at a distance "d" from face of support ( which is the footing top) and without any shear reinforcement.

My question is: to be compliant with the ACI code, don't we have to do one of the following proposal:
 1. design the stem for the shear calculated at face of support ?
 2. provide shear reinforcement over a distance "d" from face of support ?

Thanks in advance

Richard Daoud
Beirut, Lebanon