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RE: Accoustical Deck

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Title: RE: Accoustical Deck

the "survive the construction process" was the issue that has driven us (at the mfr recommendation) to field paint in the cases where we have used it.  not only that, but the paint would match the trusses that way too. It was a long span (26 ft clear) cellular application that was fairly easy to paint at a perpendicular approach.  our concern was more of saturating the acoustical inserts at the holes.  turns out, in this particular deck, the insul insert does not lie against the steel and holes, and it worked out great.

if the acoustical vents were along the webs of more traditional (BIA, NA) type deck and the insul inserts touch that surface, i think i would be more concerned.

to tell the truth, we never looked at the amount of reduction due to paint, only that even reduced, it would be better than regular deck.

of course we had no hard and fast NRC requirements either.

speaking of airport concourses here . . . .  fwiw

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