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RE: Accoustical Deck

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Hi Jim you might remember me from Cinti:  1973-1976+/- (@ P&G),      Really
good to hear from you!

On your NRC question-- I assume that you real concern is plugging up the
holes----  If this is true then  I assume you can require that the painter
not  plug up any holes and if this is violated, then a penalty or 'repair
procedure' be instituted at no cost to the owner.    Two other scenarios
could be investigated:   a) Do a test panel  (note that paint viscosity is a
major factor, and I assume that temperature and humidity are two underlying
dependent variables, but this is more of a chemical or paint specialist
problem---Who is the Paint Mfgr and can they guarantee no "fill
overs/plugs")      b.)OR , Is it too late to ship the panels off site to a
paint shop , paint under controlled environment,  ship back to the site,
erect, and touch up?
(Under this scenario I would require your Architect to mandate a protection
board btwn the deck sheets after painting to minimize scarring during

Jim  on an Unrelated Subject-- did you get my seaint question on Cambering
for Composite Beam construction sent out about 2 weeks ago?  (I didn't get
any responses,  I may need to resend out!)   PLS let me know asap  !!

When I get a few minutes  I'll email you  again.  Hope you're doing well!!
Dave Carroll
Lexington Ky

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Subject: Accoustical Deck

I would assume that there is some reduction in the NRC rating when
accoustical deck is field painted. Does anyone have any data or
experience with this? Is it worth spending the money on accoustical deck
if field painting reduces it's effectiveness?

Jim Kestner, P.E.
Green Bay, Wi.