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RE: CMU Wall Supported by Plywood Sheathed Roof Diaphragm and She arwalls

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2315.2 specifically exempts 1 story buildings, so it might be permissible
(advisable is a different question) in this case.  I have seen buildings use
CMU shear walls on all 4 faces (not necessary for the full length), thus
resisting the seismic shear entirely with CMU, and using the wood only as
the diaphragm.  This is discussed in Exception 1 to 2315.2, though the
detailing can be cumbersome for high seismic loads.

Paul Crocker, P.E. 

"Section 2315.2 of UBC addresses this issues. However, this is probably one
of the most overlooked sections of the code when it comes to design or plan
check. I can tell you that you may even find many buildings using masonry
area separation walls up to 4 stories relying entirely of wood shear walls
for lateral resistance."