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RE: Firewall

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Section 707.1 (section 707 is called Fire Walls and Party Walls) of the
1996 BOCA code:

"707.1 General: Walls shall have sufficient structural stability under
fire conditions to allow collapse of construction on either side without
collapse of the wall, and shall be constructed of an approved
noncombustible materials that provide the required strength and
fireresistance rating specified in Table 602 for the type of construction,
but not less that the fireresistance rating of the use group specified in
Table 707.1. Strength and stability shall comply with the provisions of
Chapter 14 and Chapter 16."

Section 709.1 (section 709 is called Fire Separation Assemblies) of the
1996 BOCA code:

"709.1 General: Fire separation assemblies installed for purposes of the
enclosure of exits, floor openings, shafts, areas of refuge and for
subdividing purposes shall be constructed of approved materials consistent
with the limitations for the building type of construction and shall have
not less that the fireresistance rating prescribed by Table 602."

Thus, a fire wall under the BOCA code MUST remain standing if the
construction on either side collapses.


On Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Matthew Stuart wrote:

> I believe the definition given below for a firewall applies only to a MFL
> (maximum foreseeable loss) wall as defined by FM (Factory Mutual).  I
> believe a "firewall" falls somewhere between a fire separation wall and an
> MFL wall.