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RE: Alternate load combinations

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I think this is a case of two codes out of step. The formula with the 1.5
factor on earthquake loads is copied verbatim from ACI 318, which even in
the 1999 edition still footnotes the source as ASCE 7-88. In ASCE 7-88, E is
calculated on an allowable load basis and then factored up for use in
ultimate strength load combinations. In the current version, ASCE 7-98, E is
calculated on an ultimate load basis and the factor in the same formula is
now only 1.0. It looks like an editorial lapse. When the code writers can't
even keep track, it makes me wonder about the rest us. 

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Subject: Alternate load combinations

UBC 1928.1.2.3 has the following load combo:
5.  1.2D + 1.5E + (0.5L or 0.2S)
The combo in UBC 1612.2.1 has:
     1.2D + 1.0E + (f1L + f2S)
Is the 1.5 factor on the seismic force correct in 
chapter 19 combo?  Why is it 50% larger?
Dan Goodrich, P.E.