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Acoustic deck

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] I have had a few conversations with Roger Davis of this group regarding acoustic deck as of late. There seems to be a lack of information regarding this topic. His source reports that the reduction was very minimal. My source is VicWest and I was sent the most recent manual on roof deck design. It states "Tests conducted in 1987 by VicWest Steel in cooperation with the University of Toronto have shown that standard and fully perforated decks of 18 ga or 16 ga increase the deflection of the system by about 25% with a maximum of 10% decrease in shear strength of the diaphragm. Limited testing of 22 ga acoustic deck indicated a strength reduction of up to 40%. Until further work is done, it is suggested that permitted load be reduced by 40% when light gauge acoustic deck is used as a diaphragm."

Is there anybody out there who has some first hand knowledge of other testing that has been done.
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