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RE: Firewall:(was)CMU Wall Supported by

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Dave Carrol wrote:

. > WHAT IS THE MEANING OF         "SNIP"       ????      are you referring to
. > some attachment(s) that you inadvertently omitted,  since you only comment
. > on one method after you say there are several ways to accomplish the reqd
. > result ?

. >      I appreciate your comments and am currently developing a study on 
. > this very subject.   Is there a good treatise on structural 
. > design/detailing for fire walls???    pls write back - and  thx again


"Snip" means that I have cut out some text in the quoted post that is not 
relevant to my discussion.  However, some text before and after the snipped 
text might be germane.

Since fire walls are an incarnation of the IBC2000 and descended from BOCA 
and possibly SBCCI, I have no references or details for them.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona