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Re: Firewalls

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In an older copy (2nd edition, 1972) of "Masonry Design Manual" by James
Amrhein, there is a 6 page section explaining the different types of
firewalls and some design procedures and considerations. I am sure
someone must have a newer edition of this book that might have more
current info. If not I can send this older version of this section to

You might also check with your local FM representative. He should be
able to give give you alot of current data and background. I believe
these requirements all came about after the large Kmart fire in
Pennsylvania in the 60's or 70's. If I remember correctly, this building
was over one million square feet divided into 4 quadrants and all 4 fire
walls were pulled over. The building and all the stored product were a
total loss.


Jim Kestner, P.E.
Green Bay, Wi.