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RE: Welding across the flange?

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>Did this factor play any role in the Northridge Disaster?  (I don't think so
>but I'm interested in hearing from others!!)
One of the questions in some of the litigation involved improper choice 
of welding consumables. Lincoln Electric was blamed for supplying weld 
electrodes that produced non-ductile welds as evidenced by low Charpy 
results. I think the question was whether Lincoln exerted undue pressure 
to buy the electrodes, which coincidently had a high deposition rate and 
were seen as a way to save money. My own feeling is that any engineer who 
specifies a weld electrode on the basis of deposition rate doesn't know 
enough about welding to be in the electrode-specification business, which 
is definitely an engineering function. 

There was an article somewhere on this in one of the LA papers a year or 
two ago.

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