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Welding across the flange?

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Another point about welding across the flange is the difference in flange stiffness that the connected part and weld see.  The area around the web is relatively much stiffer than near the flange tips. This creates a stress concentration under direct tension loads and if the weld is not ductile enough, the weld could have the potential to be unzipped.  This has been  addressed in the steel code by section K1.2.


Curt La Count
Jacobs Engineering
Portland, OR

Quick question....

Problems with welding across the flange of a steel member?

I know its done with moment connections  and when you do this with other
materials such as aluminum you must take reductions in allowables.

But with steel?  Why would an inspector caution against welding across a

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

John Whitty, P.E.