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RE: Firewall:(was)CMU Wall Supported by Plyw

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You may want to review NFPA 221 Standard for Fire Walls and Fire Barrier

Roger C. Davis
SDS Architects, Inc.

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WHAT IS THE MEANING OF         "SNIP"       ????      are you referring to
some attachment(s) that you inadvertently omitted,  since you only comment
on one method after you say there are several ways to accomplish the reqd
result ?

I appreciate your comments and am currently developing a study on this
very subject.    Is there a good treatise on structural design/detailing for
fire walls???    pls write back - and  thx again

PS:  Our (Kentucky) SEAOK group is writing a White Paper on Firewalls - does
ANYBODY out there have some neat, clean details for these animals? I would
love for you to mail, fax,  or email me
Pls send to:     David Carroll PE
c/o   BFM ENGINEERS, Inc        241 Regency Circle,  Lexington, Ky. 40503
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