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RE: Plywood diaphragms

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The only limitation on this type of construction is fire resistive
provisions of the code, not structural. UBC allows Type-V (combustible
construction) buildings for certain types of occupancies, up to two stories,
to be of unlimited area. Often the owners chose to use metal deck and
concrete on the second floor and plywood on the roof.

Ben Yousefi, SE
San Jose, CA

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	Subject:	Plywood diaphragms

	Does anyone out there know if there is any code limitations to using
	plywood roof diaphragm with wood or light gauge metal trusses and a
	structural steel frame?  I've never seen this done before or at
least on a
	building this size.  I have a two story 110' by 120' steel frame
	with a concrete slab on the second floor and light gauge metal or
	trusses sheathed with plywood at the roof.  The roof is a 3:12 hip.

	Any information would be appreciated.

	Christopher E. Daniels
	Larson Design Group
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