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Re: Double Seal

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Was it from California?  I remember some of our friends from California
discusses some ruling/position of the CA Board about how each licensed
engineer who worked on something had to seal it.  If you want more on that
dicussion, you can check out the archives.


On Fri, 23 Feb 2001, Ron Hill wrote:

> I reviewed a Structural Report the other day that was SEALED by two
> Structural Engineers.  No indication was given as to the EOR.
> I have worked with teams of Engineers to produce a design and we all sign
> the report but select the lead engineer as the EOR who seals the report.  I
> am not familiar with the everyone seals the report method.
> I seem to remember it mentioned that some states prohibit multi-sealing of
> plans.  Does anyone know if multi-sealing is prohibited in some states???
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