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RE: Plywood diaphragms

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Section 505.2

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	Subject:	Re: Plywood diaphragms

	Where in the code are you allowed unlimited area for Type V?

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	> The only limitation on this type of construction is fire resistive
	> provisions of the code, not structural. UBC allows Type-V
	> construction) buildings for certain types of occupancies, up to
	> to be of unlimited area. Often the owners chose to use metal deck
	> concrete on the second floor and plywood on the roof.
	> Ben Yousefi, SE
	> San Jose, CA
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	> Subject: Plywood diaphragms
	> Does anyone out there know if there is any code limitations to
	> a
	> plywood roof diaphragm with wood or light gauge metal trusses and
	> structural steel frame?  I've never seen this done before or at
	> least on a
	> building this size.  I have a two story 110' by 120' steel frame
	> building
	> with a concrete slab on the second floor and light gauge metal or
	> wood
	> trusses sheathed with plywood at the roof.  The roof is a 3:12
	> Any information would be appreciated.
	> Christopher E. Daniels
	> Larson Design Group
	> ced(--nospam--at) <mailto:ced(--nospam--at)>