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AISC Code of Standard Practice 2000

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Some more feedback on new publications...

Section 1.8.2 of the 2000 AISC Code of Standard Practice states that "The Structural Engineer of Record shall be responsible for the structural adequacy of the structure in the completed project".

While I understand that the intent of this statement is to differentiate the responsibilities of the erector in building the project from the EOR in designing the structure, it is poorly worded and creates unacceptable liability exposure for the EOR. Many factors that affect the structural adequacy of the completed project are beyond the engineer's control. These factors include material properties, construction quality, inspection and testing, and field changes to the design.

The EOR cannot accept responsibility for all aspects of the structural adequacy of the completed structure, only the design as shown in the contract documents.  Although most EORs will delete this clause in the contract documents and include appropriate CYA statements, I am surprised that the structural engineers (and their insurance companies) on the committee let this one slip by.

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Thanks for the feedback. It helps.