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>Ever consider getting rid of the K's altogether (ref ASCE "Effective Length
>and Notional Load Approaches for Assessing Frame Stability....)?

Good point, Peter. However, there are two camps in the stability arena: those that think advanced analysis techniques can be used with K = 1 in all cases and those that don't. I can't tell which set of great minds is "winning" at this point, but the discussions are very interesting and enlightening.

The ASCE report you mentioned is a very good state-of-the-art summary. It is also a starting point of sorts for a current effort of the AISC Committee on Specifications to revamp treatment of stability. The notional load method (which I know you like) is certainly being considered for its merits, as are all other acceptable approaches. Personally, I hope the conclusions and recommendations allow for the use of any rational and acceptable treatment of stability in the design office.