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RE: RCSC A325 bolt spec

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Title: RE: RCSC A325 bolt spec

Well there is my chuckle for the day!

The copyright statement you "almost quoted", Roger, is intended to prevent the re-publication of the document without the permission of the publisher. However, RCSC explicitly wants you to be able to take full advantage of and have easy access to the RCSC Specification, so it has provided the *.pdf file for free download on its web site. The intent is that you can download it to your hard drive for electronic reference or print it out for your personal use. Just don't open up a bookstore. (-: Of course, you can still buy the paper copy and you will still get the paper copy bound into your Manual as always.

AISC has done a similar thing with a similar intent with the Seismic Provisions, Seismic Provisions Supplement No. 2 and the Code of Standard Practice. There are a lot of other documents available for free download as well from the AISC web site.

I should also tell you that, as each of our Specifications moves it's way into tthe modern era (read: is available in *.pdf format), I am pushing to make them freely available through our web site. I have not been able to sell the concept as a unilateral policy as of yet, but I'm working on it. I take great pride that, with all the complaints about the price of the specifications, codes, standards and other technical documents you need, AISC and RCSC are making more and more of their technical documents available for free.


P.S. The documents I mentioned above are available for free download here:

    and a more extensive list of all the free information available from AISC is listed here:

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I just downloaded the .pdf version of the bolt specs.  On page ii, it says,
"........" (Sorry, I cannot quote it, as I don't have written permission
from the publisher to reproduce any part of the book).

Do I now have to get permission to print out the .pdf version?  I assume that
by making the spec available via download, I have RCSC/AISC's implied
permission to view the document on my computer, but do not have permission to
print it out.

<vbg> (I hope!)

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A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

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