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FW: acoustical steel deck over swimming pool

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Subject:	acoustical steel deck over swimming pool

I have some interestering questions for you STEEL DECK people:

1.   Has anyone ever specified a stainless steel type of deck fastener for
this scenario? (I really don't think they are necessary plus they are
weaker--  True?__)

2.  I've been told quite firmly that side lap fasteners MUST be welded or
button punched  -NO screws are feasible.(True?__)              Are
'burn-thrus' (with welding)  going to be a big problem ,since our deck is
Is there a way to preclude or minimize the burn-thrus?

3. If we allow button punch of the side laps,  how does this compare with
welding ?
Is there more than one type of machine to button with, and do we care which
machine type of machine is used?

Incidently,   I do want do maximize the use of basic steel screws for all
deck attachment--  this means that only the side laps will be welded (or
buttoned)  .  (incidently deck type is 3NPA Vulcraft).

  MASTERSPEC and other industry specs seem to be quite devoid in acoustical
deck fastening and so I'm in a little post bid squabble right now--
HELP   ASAP    PLS  !!!