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Erection of Double-framed beam Connection to Columns

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According to Project Standard Drawings, shear connection of beam in pipe rack shall be done by using double angle as shop and field bolted. Now we are confronting the following erection problems with this Standard;
1. Erection hazard due to common bolt
Longitudinal beams have common connection bolts at column webs. In this case, we have to remove the bolts from the first beam connected for connecting the second beams, in which erection hazard exists.
2. Interference problem with column stiffener
The pipe rack is 3-stories, and moment connection in transverse direction, and braced frame in longitudinal direction. We installed transverse moment frames first, and 2nd story longi-beams. When we inserted 3rd story longi-beam into installed frames, beam is interfered with stiffeners in column web. Widening the space between frames is very difficult, since story height of 2nd story is only 1.5 meter.
At the moment, it is too late to change the scheme of connection standard. Is there any idea to solve this problem as fast and economical way?
Thanks in advise for any idea or advise from this society.