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Re: Concrete Problem

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If all you need to do is harden the surface (not strengthen the entire
slab) you can use a fluorosilicate-sometimes called silico-fluoride. Call
Master Builders (nationwide) or L.M. Scofield Co., Bell,CA. It will
improve the slab but it will still be inferior compared to a properly
placed/mixed/finished slab.
Depending on the use, it may or may not be satisfactory with merely a
hardener added.

Stan Scholl, P.E.
ex PCA rep. Los Angeles

On Mon, 26 Feb 2001 16:47:20 +1000 "T. Eric Gillham PE"
<teric(--nospam--at)> writes:
> I would appreciate anyone who can give me some help on this one:
> How does one go about hardening and strengthening a layer of 
> concrete that
> has already been cast and cured, without removing the concrete 
> entirely?  In
> other words, is there a product that can be added to the surface of 
> the
> concrete to harden it?
> The concrete in this particular case would be difficult to remove 
> because of
> embedded piping.  The hardened surface would then have tile set on 
> it, and
> would form the floor of a hot water wading pool.  The layer of 
> concrete
> which needs to be hardened was poured over 2 months ago, and is 
> quite sandy
> in color with hardly any hint of gray.  This would seem to me to 
> indicate a
> low cement content.
> Anybody have any ideas on this one?
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