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Re: Bridge Live Load Distribution

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Contact your local Caterpillar rep.  I've had to design retaining structures
for a surcharge load from a BIG front end loader, and our local rep was able
to give wheel loads both loaded and unloaded.  I imagine they have something
similar for their tracked vehicles.

Conrad Guymon, P.E.

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Subject: Bridge Live Load Distribution

> I need to evaluate a bridge to determine if a large track hoe can safely
> without having to be put on a truck.  I have the track hoe weight and
> contact area.  How do I distribute the live load in order to analyse the
> and girders?  All my references deal with distributing wheel and axle
loads, not
> loads from tracked vehicles.  Can any one point me in the right direction?
> Kipp A. Martin, S. E.
> Portland, Oregon